01. TUMBLING DOWN TUMBLR [avbyte] - tumbling down tumblr / there’s so many cats / look this one’s wearing a hat / ponies memes and doctor who / there’s sparkles on my theme / omg gpoy i ship these two otp / this place is ideal / no gif could express this feel

02. I LOVE MY COMPUTER [bad religion] - I love my computer / you make me feel alright / every waking hour / and every lonely night / I love my computer / for all you give to me / predictable errors and no identity / and it’s never been quite so easy / I’ve never been quite so happy / all I need to do is click on you / and we’ll be joined / in the most soul-less way / we’ll be together for eternity

03. THIS IS TOTALLY GOING IN MY BLOG [the brilliant light] - i had a secret and he swore that he would keep it / that’s how i ended up here today / these words don’t mean anything / i’m thinking it is just a phase / i’m sitting here for days and days

04. I STARTED A BLOG NOBODY READS [sprites] - i started a blog which nobody read / when I went to work i blogged there instead / I started a blog which nobody viewed / I’ll admit it wasn’t that great / but if you must know here’s what it said: “200 people I can’t stand” / “400 movies you must see soon” / “10 celebrities (4 of whom I might assasinate)” /  I started a blog but nobody came / no issues were raised / no comments were made

05. STOP YOUR SOBBING [the pretenders]- it is time for you to stop all of your sobbing / yes it’s time for you to stop all of your sobbing oh oh oh / there’s one thing you gotta do / gotta stop sobbing now / yeah yeah stop it / stop it

06. FOREVER ALONE [mrhighhat] - in this world completely unknown / and when I make dinner for two I dont have to cook tommorow / I go to google cause of speak button / so that I could hear how sounds I love you / 2 FB requests both are FB games  / but at least I remember all my FB friends names / well, my name is Forever Alone /  I never heard my ringtone / but I keep dreaming on

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